- The blogs are broken into four sections: In Kaz, In Process, At Home, and then a category for those who are at home and have started the process again.
- (p) means the blog is private. Although there aren't too many private blogs here, there are several reasons why they may be listed.
- If a blog doesn't have an update, and doesn't have (p) by it, that simply means that the blog doesn't have an RSS feed. The blog is still public and open, but it doesn't advertise updates.
- If you would like your blog added, removed, or changed categories, please email Jennifer at KazakhstanAdoptionBlogs@gmail.com
The purpose of this blog is for building networks with other parents or parents-to-be. It’s a place to:
- Bond with other APs and PAPs who are in the same stage you are in.
- Support or encourage those who are waiting.
- Share the ups and downs of parenting.
- See how kids transition into families and how they thrive.
- Connect with other Kaz families no matter where you are in the process.

In Kaz (or meeting their children)

Pre-Travel (Paperchasing or Waiting)

At Home!